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Delectable Peru Food Tour is a unique and interactive tour company exploring the culinary capital of South America – Lima, Peru. Founded in mid-2012, the project started in 2010 when the company’s founder arrived back to her home country only to discover that Peru’s culinary landscape had evolved. What she found was new and surprising changes taking place in Lima. As she began to identify each place specialty, she realized that knowing where to eat, what to eat, and from which chef, made the experience even more extraordinary.

Peru is in a revolutionary period for culinary advances, and the quality of its cuisine has matured to compete globally, offering both traditional and cutting-edge dining experiences. Now, a growing crop of new and exciting chefs and restaurateurs has joined the ranks of the internationally recognized restaurants. Much of Peru’s cuisine that had only been served in the confines of the home is now being offered in all of its rich variety. The fusion of culinary traditions from indigenous Peru and Europe has been joined with influences from African, Chinese and Japanese immigrants making for a wonderful blend of tastes and textures. This, coupled with the diversity of fresh seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables from the coastal, highlands and Amazonian areas of Peru has all lead to a culinary renaissance.

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Foodies at Amazonian Tour

Peru has many things to be proud of, and just one of them is the food. We love getting foodies to delight in every one of our culinary adventures.
It is a pleasure to share our favorite place in Lima and other important cities in Peru.

Our email is [email protected]