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Culinary Experiences

Delectable Peru offers an interactive virtual food experience (COVID March-Dec. 2020).
Food is a way we share our culture with travelers,  on our tours visitors can interact with chefs about ingredients and  traditional homemade recipes that make their dishes delicious, while getting a behind the scenes experience. We show you where magic happens. We will introduce and share with you the diversity and authentic Peruvian cuisine ─ dishes that will definitely enhance any traveler to their Peruvian Experience.

Delectable Peru’s mission is to provide a custom-made food experience based on our each traveler. We help choose a right food tour. With the cooperation of a diverse selection of restaurants across Lima, we ensure that each food tour will be unique, fun and entertaining that add another dimension to your stay in our beautiful country.

We handle all the reservation, food, guides and transportation, just enjoy and have a delicious time.

You can contact us via email [email protected]

We select best restaurant that will match your criteria and your specifics.
We will do all the reservations you just enjoy your food tour with us and have fun.
Depending on the tour we will make sure your experience is unique, fun and enjoyable.
Learn about Peruvian Cuisine and who are the important part of your experience and just be delighted with your Delectable Peru Food Tour.
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