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Japanese Peruvian – Nikkei Tour

This tour will delight you with a Nikkei experience by the expert hands of Japanese-Peruvian chef who transport us into this ancient culture with each dish created. The guest may ask about the ingredients used and other preparation details while being entertained with an exclusive Chef’s show. The culinary guide will give a back-story of the Japanese immigrants and how they influenced our Peruvian food over the years.


Welcome to our Peruvian-Japanese Experience.
Start of the tour with a Special cocktail demonstration.
History of the restaurant and history about Japanese immigration and communities in Peru.

We are planning this experience once a month.

Included Services

Pick up from hotel in Miraflores area..
Welcome to the restaurant by our Food Tour Specialized guide.
Details and notes about the dish.
Q&A about the preparation.


Get ready to tantalizing sensations and be delighted with our Peruvian-Japanese Experience and history behind.


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