The services must be canceled in advance, with a cash deposit or to an agent of our company who is authorized


  1. Direct Payments should be made at the office of Delectable Peru Gourmet Food Tours, located at Calle Francisco del Castillo 370 San Antonio, Miraflores.
  2. Order toll visited by a collector to your home, hotel, work or school to make the payment of 50%. When the courier to delivers a document collection or receipt of the service / program as requested and this can give you more information directly about any concerns you have. (Apply just for companies in Peru)
  3. Payment on account Delectable Peru Gourmet Food Tours at the bank and then call us indicating the deposit amount, traveler name, destination and date. We suggest before making deposits quotas confirm with us by phone.


Delectable Peru Gourmet Food Tours, only acts as an intermediary between the providers of packages and /or contracted travel services and the user, being solely responsible for organizing them. Therefore, the user can be held liable for those Delectable Peru Gourmet Food Tours causes beyond its competence. Delectable Peru Gourmet Food Tours is not responsible for any loss or delay resulting from circumstances beyond their control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to acts of God: natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, storms, hurricanes, floods, and fog. Just as force majeure: war, accidents, strikes, riots, demonstrations or civil commotion, etc. and any loss, damage, accident or other defect that might happen to END USER

Important:The photos are referential units but all are of the same characteristics and are subject to reservation date and time according to schedule and availability. The price is given according to the request but moving on schedule will be charged for additional hours by type of unit.

Services NO SHOW or late cancellations will be considered 100%

In case of loss or damage to the unit will be the contracting party responsible for the costs.

Note: Confirmation of services is subject to the availability of units.
Please communicate with anticipation that we will be happy to address them.